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Master Yourself

The quality of your life is determined by you! Success in every aspect of business and life begins with self-mastery. Follow the plan, get to work, and become a master.  

Master your Business

Building Your Own Business is essential to growth. Getting to the next level financially is all about additional sources of income.  Once your business is moving, you can focus on consistently creating passive income streams.


Position yourself to advance quickly off of others. Leverage your credit, history, and our expertise to live an amazing present and future. We will give you the shortest route to your destination.

Be your best.

Be your Best and Bring your Best. Leave nothing to chance.

Success in every aspect of business and life begins with self mastery. Discipline and consistency – these are the only ways to win.

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How I Work


Being honest about where we currently stand is the hard part. Honestly, most people never even face their own reality. Don’t face it alone. I’ll do it with you.


Once we know what will make a difference in your life, we’ll develop a plan to help you achieve the goals you desire to achieve.


It’s time to get to work doing the work. Nothing worth having will be easy, but the life you desire to live is closer than you think it might be.


You can only manage what you measure. We’ll work to build accountability in your system so not only do you stay on path, but you have help along the way.

Lifestyle Coaching

The most successful people in the world seek the advice and perspective of great mentors. Having your skill and talent then pointing it in the right direction is the way to get there faster.

Business Coaching

Live and work your passion under your own terms. Take Control of your life by building your business. Create the income you know you deserve with hard work, and dedication.

Boot Camp

Freedemption bootcamp is a one-on-one, live, and in-person 8 week intensive course that will catapult you to the next level .

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It’s not very often that I meet someone that’s this inspiring and knowledgable when it comes to building success!

Kyle Talkington, Photographer


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