About Derick

The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence


Derick Gant is a personal mastery coach, that has always been extremely driven to be the best he can be, bringing his A game every day. With that, he is extremely passionate about passing on knowledge and experience, teaching and helping others live their personal best. His Gift has always been the ability to recognize and clearly see how others can monetize their gifts and live the life of their dreams. As an expert mastery coach, he regularly takes complicated concepts and delivers them in terms anyone can understand and benefit. He is most knowledgeable about three things, being an Alpha Male, Fitness, and Finance. Since his younger days, money matters have always intrigued him the most.

"As a kid, I was a natural athlete and that took minimal focus to be great, so money was where I focused."

Over the past 20 years, Derick has worked extremely hard to make and spend a fortune on houses, cars, and half the toys that you can think of. The most important thing he teaches high achievers today is that there are millions of people making tons of money, but only hundreds keeping it! His programs not only position you on how to bring your A-game every but also teaches the techniques and secrets of personal mastery. The result builds a lifestyle sustaining passive income stream. He doesn't work with achievers, but high achievers, warriors, guys that never say die, men, and sometimes women that have always had a bigger vision for themselves, but have yet to live their dreams.

The people that prosper in his program are already doing great things, they are self-motivated, and focused, but they are missing a few vital keys. Derick teaches that in today's market, you have to separate yourself and bring the best most authentic package you have. Your brand has to be tight, your Look, your Image, your Message, and your Money all have to be on point. He is relentlessly committed to excellence and knows that consistency breeds results. Results are far better than effort! No one ever remembers the guy that tried!

"Be your best and bring your best. Leave nothing to chance."