Cash is Still King – Pt. 2

In the last post we discussed the social transition from cold, hard cash, and the convenience of  plastic and mobile apps. Let’s learn more!

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Cash is Still King Pt. 1

Cash is king has been a statement that we have all herd of but few take to heart. While the actual use of cash is aggressively dwindling, it is still an important tool that takes even more care in our techno society.
Today, most people use debit cards or credit cards to facilitate daily transactions. The days of writing checks, carrying coins or bills has come to a near halt in the mainstream economy. According to Gallup Polls, 24% of the population uses cash to make their purchases. That means that 75% of people are making their purchases by other means.
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Investing $100 Dollars

Investing $100.00

Recently an IG follower asked me to read an article on where and how to invest $100. She is excited about being in the game and taking action. Remember… “Be your best, Invest, Leave nothing to chance.”

So she’s ready and smart enough to ask an expert if she is pointed in the right direction.

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What is the meaning of Jacob wrestling with God?

To best answer this question, it helps to know, among other things, that deep- seated family hostilities characterized Jacob’s life. He was a determined man; some would consider him to be ruthless. He was a con artist, a liar, and a manipulator. In fact, the name Jacob not only means “deceiver,” but more literally it means “grabber.”

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Married Couples Credit

Credit Score Misconceptions of the Newly Married Couples:-

It has been proven that a lot of people are totally confused about their credit score. Even an expert in handling the financial issues can feel quite baffled about the credit score. But, you cannot leave all these things like the way they are without trying hard for building an idea about it.

In most cases, we know what a credit rating is and how it works. But, the lesser known area is how a good or bad credit score can affect your life in general. Among all the credit score misconceptions, most of them revolve around the life of the newlyweds. So, here are a few popular misconceptions of credit score, from which you need to stay away.

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The Law of Attraction Isn’t Enough

Many have worked to explain and analyze The Law of Attraction. I believe the law is real, but without a complete understanding of how it works, so many anxiously sit waiting for our life’s purpose to be realized.

In short, what I want you to understand clearly is that there are 12 universal laws that don’t change with time, and there is one law that must be employed alongside the Law of Attraction. That is the Law of Action.

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To Build Success, You Need a Killer Team

It takes Teamwork to make the Dreamwork. None of us successfully accomplish our goals completely alone. The unfortunate reality is however, is many of us will drive thru life on a one man team chasing our tails. Have you ever heard the saying “Behind every successful man is a good woman?” Or how about “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Both sentiments adequately describe the need for you to find a team to find the success you desire.

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Day 3

Ready, Set, 2017

Let’s go into 2017 ready to kick some serious butt.

We really only have two choices in life, we’ll call them Plan A or Plan B. Plan A is the path that takes you to the lifestyle, the money, and the freedom you really desire. This path is long, dark, and scary. It has uneven streets and pot holes you have to work hard to overcome.  Plan A is tough. But, its worth it.

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It’s Up To You

Commitment requires tenacity, and an undeniable belief that your efforts will produce the results you want.

To be successful, you have to achieve, and maintain consistency over longer periods of time. This won’t be easy. But, doing what you’ve always done will only get you what you already have. And, you want a better life. Right?

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