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This image speaks so loudly that when we center and quiet ourselves we create immeasurable amounts of power.

The noise and distractions of life are so vast that it makes tapping into our personal power almost impossible.
The 24K Life Club is changing the game.
We are taking 30 days to refocus, recenter, and immerse ourselves into the habits, tools, and techniques to gain the power we need to live our best lives.
During the 30 days, we will
  • Host Live video sessions per week
  • Complete daily Accountability activities
  • Select, read, and discuss one book
  • Complete a personal assessment
  • Create a morning routine
  • Evening Group Meditation (Monday – Thursday)
  • Complete The Belief Workshop
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Change takes place instantly, but the results manifest after days of consistent work and effort. We are diving in head first to the actions necessary to transform into the phoenix you know yourself to be. Get ready and put on your big boy big girl pants and let’s MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
Participants will receive 
  • E Copy of The 24K Life Code
  • Do Not Disturb sign
  • One-on-One Planning Session
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • YEAR changing experience
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