I grew up in a family that sacrificed to send me to a private high school.  During my years in high school, my parents had intense discussions about how to pay my tuition.  In other memories, I recall my dad saying that if I didn’t get a scholarship, I would be forced to work through and pay for my own college education. 

SIDE NOTE: I received hundreds of scholarship offers and chose to attend BGSU!!    I ZIGGY ZUMBA

By age 35, I made over a million dollars and spent it on life and taxes.

After a few massive economic corrections and a divorce, I am solely focused on helping people learn how to make and keep more wealth. 


Derick Gant is an author, speaker, financial expert, and high-performance coach with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience. In 2019, he published The 24K Life Code: The Only Difference Between Mediocrity and Greatness a book that guides others step-by-step to achieve their best and get the results they’ve been seeking.

As an expert coach and fitness professional, Derick takes complicated concepts and delivers them in understandable terms. His well-known mantra “Master your mind and you will always be free” has enabled him to achieve mental, physical, and financial abundance in his own life.

You may have caught Derick on CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, or one of his two Tedx Talks sharing his tips with millions of people on not only how to make money, but how to grow and keep it. Through his programs, books, and videos, Derick empowers others to break through barriers in order to have a bigger vision for themselves and live out their dreams.

In addition to his two companies, Derick runs 24K Life, a community that provides high achievers with solutions and strategies to help them raise their standards to deliver their best by removing limiting beliefs and habits that hold them back, create a lifestyle that includes mastery in all areas, and empower them to become the best version of themselves.


Build brand awareness by producing high-quality content that will benefit our underdog audience.

Content Development  


Financial concepts told in a bite-sized manner (written; audio; video)

2) Lifestyle

Fun discussions about issues plaguing the working man/woman

3) Inspirational

Interviews, testimonials, how-to, and thoughts on the underdog


To create national awareness of Derick Gant 24K Life DOD (Derick On-Demand)

To secure a million followers

To increase engagement in our social content

To provide financial and life courses to enhance people’s lives

What’s in the MARKET

Dave Ramsey; White male that markets personal financial content to primarily Christian audiences 

Susie Orman; White female that markets personal financial content to primarily women

A host of smaller players. . .


Derick Gant; Black male looking to be one of the top personal financial content providers to the working-man and woman 

Three Main Offerings

24K Elite  Our premium 6 month one on one coaching package $24,999.00

Money Mastery  4week online course  $399.00

24K Club Monthly DIY package $24.99 mo.


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