• Get ready to embark on this journey together.  "Do Before I Do" was designed for both of you to create an amazing life with "The One" and to establish a strong financial foundation.  Whether you're deciding to make a big, lifelong commitment to one another or whether you have the experience and wisdom to start again and give love another chance, be confident knowing that from this day forward, you're doing things differently and intelligently and paving the path headed towards financial happiness. Some of the topics discussed in the book include:
    • Discover more about yourself so you can interact better with your partner
    • How to have open conversations about money and what questions to ask
    • How to have a Money Date with your partner and make it fun every month
    • What to do to prepare for the worst-case scenarios for family and finances
    • How to become financially organized and stop the ever-growing paper mess
    • Discover how to set financial goals so you can dream and achieve them together
  • Are you ready to crack the code on personal success? How often do you wonder what life would be like if you could live on your terms? While most of us haven’t come close to living the dream, the next best thing is to have a plan that gets you there. The 24K Life Code will give you access to the strategies and mindset required to create your ideal life.   Transforming yourself to consistently deliver excellence in every area of your life by any means necessary is The 24K Life Code.    This book addresses the actions essential to develop and implement your code in health, wealth, and mindset to live a life filled with abundance and freedom.  “Master your mind and you will always be free.”               - Derick G

  • The 24k Planner is a daily accountability scheduler. The 24k Planner is for the entrepreneur that demands to upgrade life. I've used every type of day-timer, planner and organizer that exists. This is the best of them all. The 24k Planner schedules out every hour of everyday, gets your head right, gets you goal oriented, and target focused everyday.  How To Best Use The 24K Planner
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    A Mind For Money

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    What if this was your last chance to get on the right financial path? Would you change your financial habits? Would you watch every dime you have? This book is the first step on the path towards financial freedom. There are many ways to make money and many ways to spend it. What matters most is that you structure a plan to keep what you work for. Maximum Abundance!
  • Beast Mode Your Life!  #24k Life Style
  • The 24k Journal is a daily resource capable of tracking and processing your greatest thoughts and ideas. The 24k Journal is for the entrepreneur / high achiever that demand to upgrade life. The 24k Journal tracks out every idea of everyday, gets your head right, gets you goal oriented, and focused. 
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  • The Original 24k Life T-Shirt is a great comfortable way to express living your #24kLife.
  • The 24k Balance Beads are made of Howlite and The Black Onyx are combined to represent calmness, confidence, and inner peace. The bracelet is worn as a symbolic reminder to stay calm and give all we have.  Use Coupon Code Pick Up for personal pick up.